Understanding how brain tumors develop in children and identifying personalized treatment strategies

About PNOC

Our Core Values are driven by the need to quickly address the significant unmet need of children and young adults with CNS tumors with a set of guiding principles. We will conduct experiments often, fail fast, learn quickly from our mistakes and try again. We will work rapidly, quickly translating discoveries in the lab to the bedside, and then get the data back to our labs in real time.

We do not believe we should remain constrained by study conduct only within North America, and we will reach out to other countries and continents to complete studies quickly. We believe collectively, and globally we can push for breakthroughs and remain bold, pushing boundaries, being both safe and disruptive, not constrained by conservative strategies of the past, with the understanding that the stakes are high and incremental results are not our goal. Our stakeholders are our patients and their families. Being innovative, collaborative and bold are critical to the mission of PNOC


Our Successes

The success of any enterprise can be measured by many metrics.  For PNOC, our ultimate success will be the cure of patients we care for and treat on our clinical trials.  To reach that goal requires collaboration and engagement of researchers across the globe, and the development of the best clinical trials possible to improve overall and quality survival of children and young adults with CNS tumors.  Over the years, PNOC has been successful in trial development and patient enrollment, especially given the consortium is largely philanthropy funded.  Our protocol metrics and patient enrollments, membership, funding and publications are shown below.  A clinical trials consortium could be considered “successful” based upon those outcomes, but PNOC emphasizes “significant” benefit achieved, not just the numbers of protocols and patients seen and treated. In the end, what matters most is how our most important stakeholders, children and families, fare both in terms of quality and quantity of life.

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Featured Researchers

PNOC is comprised of researchers across the globe. Each brings their unique perspective and emphasis to our group, and all are passionate about finding a cure for pediatric brain tumors. We highlight some key researchers here to shed light and praise on their contributions to PNOC.

Goals and Strategies

The primary goal of PNOC is to find a cure for pediatric brain cancers. We believe strongly in collaborating with those who are passionate, creative, and collaborative. Creating specific Research Groups to focus on a certain disease type or modality, such as imaging, will help our consortium as a whole develop innovative, patient-centric treatment plans.

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Collaborating with PNOC

Collaboration is a key part of PNOC’s values and our success. We collaborate with individuals, hospitals, research institutions, patients and families – with anyone. Contact us if you have an idea or question, or if you would like to learn more about collaborating with us.