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Feb 03

Machine learning to identify LGG subgroups

Our Imaging working group looks at how an unsupervised machine learning approach could review and...

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Aug 05

PNOC003 publication in AACR!

PNOC003, biology-driven study of DIPG, published

PNOC003 is a multi-center precision medicine trial for children and young adults with newly...

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Jul 21

Dr. Prados on Making Waves

Dr Mike Prados, one of PNOC's founders and leaders, talks with Liz Dawes of the Robert Connor Dawes...

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Feb 04

Princess Maxima Center Joins PNOC!

PNOC is excited to announce that the Princess Maxima Center in the Netherlands has officially...

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Nov 04

ChadTough Defeat DIPG funds second year of DMG-ACT trial

Total awarded now $1M

The ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation has generously awarded over $500,000 for a second year of...

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Sep 10

Marin Residents Lead Charge to Cure the Deadliest Childhood Cancer With the PNOC Foundation

PNOC Foundation article

See the article in Marin magazine about the efforts of the PNOC Foundation, started and led by two...

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May 06

Survey for Craniopharyngioma Patients and Families

Anonymous survey to hear from you

Dear craniopharyngioma survivor families, The Pediatric Pacific Neuro-oncology...

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Apr 30

Informational Webinar Series

DMG/DIPG, ATRT, and Ependymoma

You’re invited to hear directly from the PNOC experts about the current state of research and...

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Apr 15

PNOC’s new website!

New look! New info!

Thanks to the generosity of the UCSF Department of Neurosurgery, and the guidance and vision of...

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Apr 06

First PNOC clinical trial open in Israel and Australia!

PNOC's Global Reach Expands

PNOC is excited to announce that after many months of effort, communication, regulatory and ethical...

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Dec 04

PNOC Adds 5 new US sites

Announcement From PNOC

After a rigorous application process with 14 applications, PNOC is excited to announce we have...

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Dec 03

New Publication from PNOC011

AJNR Publication

A new paper has been published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology, following our pilot study...

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Oct 20

Fall 2020 Update from Dr. Mike Prados

Video Update from PNOC's Founder

Hear a direct update from one of PNOC's founders, Dr. Mike Prados! Dr. Prados discusses a...

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Dec 01

New Publication from PNOC007

The Journal of Clinical Investigation

A new paper has been published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, looking at the responses...

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