Industry Leaders

Ahmed Elhemaly, MD

Principal Investigator

Prof. Ahmed Elhemaly graduated from faculty of medicine on 2003, he has more than 15 years of experience in pediatric oncology. After finishing his Ph.D. in 2013, he worked as a consultant of pediatric neuro-oncology and stem cell transplant in Children cancer hospital of Egypt as well as an assistant professor in National Cancer institute Egypt. He was the head of infectious disease group in the Poem working group from 2013-2016. He is the Co-PI for the Neuro-Oncology group in CCHE-57357. Prof. Elhemaly field of interest is stem cell transplant in brain tumors. He is also interested in ongoing clinical trials for different brain tumors. He succeeded to join the Head start IV making CCHE is the only center in the Middle East joining the trial and he is acting as Co-PI for the CCHE site. He is running family screening aiming to identify cases suspected as CMMR-D using the NGS.