Industry Leaders

Moatasem El-ayadi, MD

Co-Principal Investigator, Pediatric Oncology Consultant

Dr. El-Ayadi attained his medical degree in 2003 from Kasr El-Ainy School of Medicine, Cairo University, then he completed his fellowship of pediatric hematology oncology at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University in 2010. After obtaining his Medical Doctorate degree in 2014, he spent a one-year post-doctoral clinical research fellowship of pediatric neuro-oncology at University Hospital of Geneva, CANSEARCH Research Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland. Following his return to Egypt and until present, he’s been working as a consultant of pediatric oncology and acting as the co-PI of the neuro-oncology, and RB study teams at the Children Cancer Hospital of Egypt-57357. He is also an assistant professor of pediatric oncology at National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cairo, Egypt. Dr El-Ayadi’s research work focuses on pediatric CNS tumors with particular interest in high-grade gliomas and diffuse pontine gliomas. His work also involves other CNS tumors such as choroid plexus tumors and intra-cranial germ-cell tumors. In addition, his research focus includes germline cancer predisposition syndromes, especially replication repair deficiencies, neurofibromatosis type-1 and tuberous sclerosis. He is a member of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee (SMAC) of CCHE-57357, and Board Member of both the African SIOP and the African Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Society (APNOS). He is also a member (CCHE representative) of the international DIPG registry and the international replication repair deficiency consortium.