Princess Maxima Center

Utrecht, The Netherlands


More than ten years ago, a group of parents and healthcare professionals in the Netherlands started working towards one national children’s cancer center that could accelerate advances in treatment. Those efforts led to the creation of the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology, which in 2018 opened its doors for all pediatric oncology patients in the Netherlands. The Princess Máxima Center is a unique center that brings together highly complex care and innovative research.

The team of specialists working in the neuro-oncology department consists of pediatric neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-pathologists, neurologists, neuro-radiologists and neuro-radiotherapists. They treat approximately 150 newly-diagnosed patients per year and with the expanding expertise this number is steadily growing as patients from all over the world are traveling to the Princess Máxima Center. With a great emphasis on pre-clinical and clinical research we develop and provide new treatment modalities for clinical use. A necessity to achieve our goal: 'to cure every child with cancer with an optimal quality of life'.



Contact information


General phone number: +31 (0) 88 972 72 72

Neuro-oncology department phone number: + 31 (0) 88 972 63 00


Principal Investigator
Pediatric Oncologist
Jasper van der Lugt is a pediatric oncologist, with a focus on high grade pediatric brain tumors. He obtained is Medical Degree at the University of Utrecht and his PhD from the University of Amsterdam. Since 2018 he is appointed at the Princess Maxima Center as a treating physician and lead of the neuro-oncology subdivision of the Trial and Data Center within the Maxima. At this position he is responsible for implementation and development for early phase trials. His research focus is on clinical and translational (cellular) immune therapy for children with a CNS malignancy. He is a member of the independent ethics committee (IEC) of the University Medical Center of Utrecht.
Co-Principal Investigator
Pediatric Oncologist
Dannis van Vuurden is a pediatric oncologist specialized in the treatment of children with brain tumors. His focus is on high-grade gliomas and brain stem cancer (DIPG). In addition to treating and guiding patients and their parents, he is also involved in scientific research. This research focuses on technological innovation to bring medication across the blood-brain barrier. With this research he tries to introduce anti-cancer drugs into the tumor by means of convection-enhanced delivery (CED) or by means of focused ultrasound (FUS) mediated blood-brain barrier disruption. He also lead an international registration of DIPG patients from the Máxima, the SIOPE DIPG Registry.