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Mumbai, India

Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai


Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai remains one of the oldest and leading tertiary-care comprehensive cancer centre of South-East Asia including India. Over the last 75 years, its noble tripartite mission of service, education, and research has led to the highest quality of compassionate patient care; provided well-trained and skilled human resources for successive generations; and conducted seminal research translating and impacting meaningfully upon clinical practice. The strong emphasis on multi-disciplinary team approach leverages the extensive experience and expertise of various specialists, providing patients with evidence-based, yet individualized care, tailored not just to the cancer but also the patient’s unique physical, mental, emotional and psycho-social needs.

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  • Dr Maya Prasad

    Professor, Pediatric Oncology

  • Dr Girish Chinnaswamy

    Professor & Head, Division of Pediatric Medical Oncology