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The PNOC imaging working group is seeking to use experimental imaging techniques to make real-time monitoring of tumor status in children on brain tumor trials. The PNOC imaging working group will take advantage of both the ongoing and planned clinical trials within the PNOC. The goal is to further our ​diagnostic capabilities, and critically advance imaging for measuring drug delivery and treatment effects. Together, we expect these activities to improve patient survival and our understanding of pediatric brain tumors. In addition, the imaging working group works with investigators on various PNOC trials to make sure that the imaging portion of the trials is well designed and consistent with the most recent guidelines. The PNOC imaging working group works closely with CBTN to cross-validate the radiogenomic studies on independent cohorts.

The imaging working group is led by Dr. Ali Nabavizadeh from CHOP-UPenn and Dr. Elizabeth George from UCSF and has more than 15 members.

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